Amy Quichiz
Feminista. Activist. Writer. Advocate.
Amy Quichiz
Feminista. Activist. Writer. Advocate.



Amy Quichiz received her bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology and is currently at American University receiving her masters degree in Ethics, Peace, and Human Rights. Throughout her college career, she has been known for her commitment to continuously bring awareness to the Latinx community and fighting against gender violence, sexual assault, gender and sexual inequality, queer discriminations and racial issues. 




Growing up in Jackson Heights, my desired to be someone I wasn't increased as I began to be exposed by media that kept telling me I was not good enough. I began to reclaim my own history and identity through writing, talking to my family about our roots, trauma, mental health and all sorts of topics, that I helped me find authentic self. I began to see myself as a storyteller, and found the importance and need to talk about food justice, mental health in Latinx households, my coming out story and queer radical love, self-love as a brown girl, and even share my story on being a survivor in hopes that others can find their own healing journey. I believe our stories are so powerful and telling my own is how I keep my ancestors alive.


"I want to see more green in our hoods, I want to see more accessibility to knowledge of plant-based foods and options for the community, I want to see capitalist fast-food corporations shut down and our people rise up. I want there to be a food revolution--people planting together, interacting with one another, trading produce, talking to their kids about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. I want to see a world where people will make a change however they can and have the ability to, for our earth their communities, and themselves."

Published on Why we Cook by Lindsay Gardner

Represented by Jill  Grinberg Literary Management

Amy Quichiz has been writing since she could begin to write her first name on paper. Writing and storytelling has been one of the tools that she has allowed herself to heal and find her authentic self. While she has published her own writing in various indie-platforms, Quichiz has also written for platforms such as Bustle and SELF Magazine. She is currently being represented by Jill Grinberg Management and has been recently published in Why We Cook: Women on Food, Identity, and Connection by Lindsay Gardner. In the meantime, Amy Quichiz is planning on starting her journey to write her own book alongside with her partner, Johanna Toruño. 



Amy Quichiz is a facilitator, keynote speaker, writer, creator, advocate, influencer, and an activist. For bookings or to contact for any projects, please contact through email.

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