What are the steps to booking with you?

First, get in touch using the contact form below that will automatically sent an email to amyquichiz1@gmail.com 


What is your rate?

It depends on the workshop length, labor, and it is on a sliding scale for grassroots non-profits or people of color-led work if original rates cannot be met. 


Do you facilitate topics other than the ones you listed?

Yes, I love curating workshops based on what your audience or what project owners have in mind or would like to learn.


Are you available to travel?

I am always open to traveling. Most of my bookings have been within the U.S. If traveling is something that is desired, please email ASAP!

* (As of right now due to COVID-19, traveling is not an option and facilitation can be done through digital streaming platforms.)

can't wait to hear from you!

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