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Amy Quichiz
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Amy Quichiz
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Amy Quichiz

Founder of
Veggie Mijas

Our mission is to create sacred spaces for folks where they can share their experiences with food or having a plant-based lifestyle through an intersectional lens. Our main focus is sharing space, relearning ancestral practices through foods, share our plant-based recipes, and provide access to information our community needs. This is done through organizing events such as potlucks, vegan panels, farm sanctuary trips, learning how to plant herbs, and much more. Lastly, our goal is to show folks that decolonizing your lifestyle is possible. Cocinando Pa ' La (R)evolución. 


Veggie Mijas started on August 2017 as an instagram page for college students that wanted easy recipes that folks can make in their dorms and small kitchens. The access to food became a general issue for most people living off and on campus. After, Amy Quichiz had the idea of creating Veggie Mijas as a collective to share recipes and create community with other vegans of color throughout the U.S. Veggie Mijas then became a women of color/trans folks of color/gender non-confirming collective for folks that are plant-based or are interested in a plant-based lifestyle that have marginalized identities and/or experiences with food insecurity/food apartheids. The first potluck was located in Bronx, NY in March 2018 and now we have 11 active chapters throughout the United States. 

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Amy Quichiz became passionate about food justice when she became aware of her own experience with food apartheid and how white veganism affected her plant-based journey. With Veggie Mijas, she is committed to advocate for her community to have healthy options and for folks to have plant-based food resources.

Quichiz continues to speak about food justice through facilitating for all-grade level audiences, events, and universities.



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